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balloons around tarpaulin

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Party Organizer

We now offer party organizing service!

In addition to balloon decoration services, we can also organize your party so you can enjoy it without the stress. We will look for suppliers for the following services:

– Party venue reservation

– Cake / cupcake /chocolate fountain

– Catering service

– Photobooth

– Lootbags / Giveaways

– Party host / Magician

We will ensure that every supplier we get will work around your budget.

So stop the hassle and contact us!

Spongebob Birthday Party at KFC, P. Tamo, Makati

balloon drops

balloon drops with balloon sea weeds 1

balloon drops with balloon sea weeds 2

entrance pillars

centerpiece spongebob 1

centerpiece spongebob 2

centerpiece spongebob 3

centerpiece spongebob 4


colorful balloonderitas with curling ribbons

blue & white balloonderiats with curling ribbons

colorful balloonderitas with curling ribbons

black, white & yellow balloonderitas with curling ribbons

Ben Ten - themed balloonderitas with curling hotdogs

Princess-themed balloonderitas with curling ribbons

christmas party balloonderitas with curling hotdogs and prizes inside balloons